The Baeldung Weekly Review 10 – 巴尔东周报》10

最后修改: 2014年 3月 14日


The Weekly Review on Baeldung is a curated list of the best stuff I read each week – a handful of articles that are well worth reading (in no particular order).


This is going to be a long one – lots of very good stuff this week – so I’ll cut right to it.


General Musings


=> What TDD Is and Is Not

The fact that TDD contains the word Test in there is more than likely the biggest source of confusion for developers. This is a valiant attempt to dispel the urban myth that TDD is about testing. Nice one.


=> SoftwareDevelopmentAttitude

A mature view on software development – there aren’t many of these around.


=> Calling All Programmer Podcasts

Podcasts were a game changer for me – I started listening to a bunch during a 12 hour layover in Barcelona (yeah) and never looked back. Programming podcasts worth their salt are an underrepresented category – which is why this article is cool bits.


=> IDE vs. Editor

In the famous words of XKCD, real programmers use a magnetized needle and a steady hand. If you don’t have a steady hand – check out Bozhos earlier Why Not Emacs? for more insight about why sometimes an IDE is a good needle alternative.

用XKCD的名言来说,真正的程序员使用磁化针和一只稳定的手。如果你没有一双稳定的手–请查看Bozhos 早先的Why Not Emacs?,了解更多关于为什么有时IDE是一个很好的针头替代品的深刻见解。

And finally, since these are some of the best parts of my weekly reading (although this review is not going to be short and sweet) – I’ll link to these inline: one is about better dealing with negative feedback, and the other is about keeping an perpetually open mind and lean into learning and making small, incremental improvements. These add up.




=> CircuitBreaker

The circuit breaker is definitely a solution that should be included into any system that consumes external and potentially unreliable resource – a good pattern if there ever was one. It’s also worth looking at Ray Holders guava-retrying project for something similar.

断路器绝对是一个解决方案,应该包含在任何消耗外部和潜在不可靠资源的系统中–如果有一个好的模式的话。关于类似的东西,也值得看看Ray Holders guava-retrying项目

=> Microservices

Martin Fowler has a page up about micro services. Is it worth a read? What do you think…

Martin Fowler有一个关于微服务的页面。它值得一读吗?你怎么看…

=> Please, Run That Calculation in Your RDBMS

A worthwhile (and funny) reminder of the many ways to leverage SQL to calculate things. Es-Queue-El cracks me up even now.


=> Common Text Mining workflow

Text mining can enable some truly interesting things – so I’m always chuffed when I find a good resource like this one.


On Spring


As always, we’ll start with some of the official Spring articles of the week:


=> Websockets with Spring

Interesting read on developing an app with Spring Boot, Spring Integration, RabbitMQ and the new Websocket support in Spring 4.

关于使用Spring Boot、Spring Integration、RabbitMQ和Spring 4中新的Websocket支持开发应用程序的有趣阅读。

=> Tracking Exceptions With Spring – Part 2 – Delegate Pattern

Last week I covered a very interesting article about Tracking Exceptions With Spring over on Captain Debug’s blog – this week, I am personally following the second installment of that article and covering it here. The next one is already announced, so this is now officially a series – and a good one at that.

上周,我在Captain Debug的博客上报道了一篇关于用Spring跟踪异常的非常有趣的文章–本周,我将亲自关注该文章的第二篇,并在此进行报道。下一篇文章已经公布了,所以这现在正式成为一个系列–而且是一个好的系列。

On Java


=> Java 8 Friday Goodies: SQL ResultSet Streams

Very good read about using the new Java 8 Streams API with the JDBC API – a must read. It’s also a little bit sad to think that a more transparent and community driven design process for Java 8 would have saved us a lot of hassle.

关于使用新的Java 8 Streams API与JDBC API的非常好的阅读–必读。想到如果Java 8的设计过程更加透明和由社区驱动,就可以为我们省去很多麻烦,也是有点难过。

=> Concurrency torture: testing your code within the Java Memory Model

An updated take on the age-old problem of testing concurrent logic. Good read (if you can get past the readability issues on the blog).


And that’s it for this review – pick up whichever strikes your fancy and read it back to back – actually engage and pay attention – to get the most out of it.