The Baeldung Weekly Review 11 – Baeldung周报》11

最后修改: 2014年 3月 20日




This is an exciting week – the week when Java 8 is finally out, so it makes sense to start here:

这是激动人心的一周–Java 8终于问世了,所以从这里开始是有意义的。

=> JDK 8: General Availability

=> Oracle Releases Java 8 at EclipseCon

Java 8 is out. Nuff said.

Java 8已经出来了。不说了。

=> Java 8 Tutorial

And here’s a good, clean Java 8 Tutorial to guide you though all that goodness.

这里有一个很好的、干净的Java 8教程,可以指导你了解所有这些优点。

=> Java 8 Friday Goodies: Lean Concurrency

The fantastic Java 8 series from JOOQ is coming out consistently with good reads – this time with a look at the concurrency improvements that are now out in Java 8.

JOOQ的奇妙的Java 8系列持续不断地推出好的读物–这一次,我们来看看Java 8中现在的并发性改进。

=> The Optional Type API

A good look at API design with the Scala, Guava and now Java 8 Optional type.

用Scala、Guava和现在的Java 8的Optional类型好好看看API设计。

=> Getting JUnit Test Names Right

Interesting read about a problem I struggled with countless times – picking the right names for my tests.




=> Introducing Spring Test MVC HtmlUnit

MVC HtmlUnit is getting to be a thing – which is an interesting blend of two technologies I used in the past, but never though I’d see side by side. Alas, here we are, and it looks promising.

MVC HtmlUnit正在成为一种事物–这是我过去使用的两种技术的有趣融合,但我从未想过要看到它们并肩作战。唉,现在我们来了,而且看起来很有希望。

=> Adding Social Sign In to a Spring MVC Web Application: Integration Testing

If you’re building anything with Spring Social, this series is a must read.

如果你正在用Spring Social构建任何东西,这个系列是必须阅读的。

=> Spring Context the Grails Way

There is a plethora of options for bootstrapping a Spring Context – and this is one of the more interesting options available.

在引导Spring Context方面有大量的选择–这是更有趣的选择之一。



=> TDD and Modeling a Chess Game

This new article continues what the previous “What TDD Is and Is Not” started – a thorough look at applying TDD on an actual usecase. But what makes this “the one to read this week” is that this is not your run of the mill TDD toy example but a real one, with real choices to be made, so thinking through it is well worth it.

这篇新文章延续了之前的 “TDD是什么和不是什么”开始的内容–对在一个实际的用例上应用TDD进行了彻底的研究。但这篇文章之所以成为”本周要读的文章“,是因为这不是一个普通的TDD玩具例子,而是一个真实的例子,需要做出真正的选择,所以仔细思考是非常值得的。

=> Trying out TLS for HTTP:// URLs

This is a close second – transparent HTTPS in the form of Opportunistic Encryption. When/If it will get implemented into the major browsers, it will be nothing short of inspired.


=> Trigger Continuous Delivery every GitHub commit

Useful guide to have available if you’re setting up a CI.


Finally, Martin Fowler’s Microservices page is coming together into a complete picture:

最后,Martin Fowler的微服务页面正在形成一个完整的画面。

General Musings


=> The Microservice Architecture Sounds Like Service-Oriented Architecture

This page is clearly having an impact in the industry; I am personally following it closely and learning a lot, and it looks like I’m not the only one. Very interesting read about the process of learning and changing your mind. Being willing to change your mind is so very important to do any kind of learning and growing – at least it is for me – so this was especially nice to read.


=> Afraid of reopened issues?

Reopened issues are a fact of life – and Vlad’s thinking through the possible reasons is worth reading.