The Baeldung Weekly Review 12 – Baeldung周报》12

最后修改: 2014年 3月 29日




Let’s start with 2 new articles over on the jOOQ blog – the first is a deep dive on using lambdas for database access, and the second – a look at the new Optional semantics in Java 8:

让我们从jOOQ博客上的两篇新文章开始–第一篇是关于使用lambdas访问数据库的深入研究,第二篇是关于Java 8中新的Optional语义的研究。

=> Java 8 Will Revolutionize Database Access

=> Optional Will Remain an Option in Java

As Java 8 is out and about, we’re going to see a good few articles about how it affects the way we write code going forward. This is one of these articles, and it’s a good one:

随着Java 8的问世,我们将看到一些关于它如何影响我们今后写代码的方式的文章。这就是其中的一篇文章,而且是一篇好文章。

=> Abstract Class Versus Interface in the JDK 8 Era

Very useful post for the advanced Mockito user:


=> What are Mockito Extra Interfaces?

Eclipse has finally came out with the official Java 8 support – took a while to get here, but it looks good:

Eclipse终于推出了官方的Java 8支持–花了点时间,但看起来不错。

=> Eclipse Support for Java 8



Busy week for Spring fans – with a few interesting releases: Spring Framework 4.0.3 (Java 8 support done), Spring Security 3.2.3, Spring Data Redis 1.2.1 and Spring AMQP 1.3.0.

对于Spring的粉丝来说,这一周是忙碌的–有几个有趣的发布Spring Framework 4.0.3(完成了对Java 8的支持),Spring Security 3.2.3Spring Data Redis 1.2.1Spring AMQP 1.3.0

Also some webinar replays: Spring Framework 4.0 on Java 8, Spring LDAP 2.0.0 and Tips and Tricks for Client Side Performance.

还有一些网络研讨会重播Java 8上的Spring Framework 4.0Spring LDAP 2.0.0客户端性能的提示和技巧

Next – good things come in pairs – and this week we have a couple of great testing articles about working with Spring and WebDriver and HtmlUnit. Very helpful if you’re doing any kind of UI testing (let’s assume you are).


=> Spring MVC Test with WebDriver

=> Spring MVC Test with HtmlUnit

And finally, a foray into the Enterprise space, where Spring is well represented – and an early look at how Java 8 will affect that landscape:

最后,我们将进入企业空间,Spring在这里得到了很好的体现–并对Java 8将如何影响这一格局进行了提前展望。

=> Java 8 in Enterprise Projects

The third part of the excellent series about tracking errors in a Spring app is out, and of course it is makes it into this weeks review:


=> Error Tracking Reports – Part 3 – Strategy and Package Private

And finally, a great 6 part series about building a RESTful API with Spring:

最后,关于用Spring构建RESTful API的6部分精彩系列。



Nearly every week, one thing keeps me engaged more than most other stuff I read – and this week, it’s the continuation of an article from last week – TDDing a chess game.

几乎每个星期,有一件事比我读的其他大多数东西更让我投入 – 本周,它是上周一篇文章的延续 – TDDing a chess game

A few years back, before I gave TDD a proper go and decide to work though the initial pain, I had tried it a few times only to revert back because I couldn’t really make it stick. That seems to be the case with a lot of people – you somehow understand that TDD is an important practice, you may even get that it’s one of those rare things that’s going to change the way you code irrevocably for the best – but you still don’t pull the trigger.


For me, pulling the trigger was a 3 day retreat with J. B. Rainsberger and Corey Hanes – I forced myself to jump to TDD because I saw what it could do. A video series like this – solving a real problem with TDD is important – so I’m excited to follow this one as it unfolds:

对我来说,扣动扳机是与J.B. RainsbergerCorey Hanes – 我强迫自己跳到TDD,因为我看到了它能做什么。像这样的视频系列–用TDD解决一个真正的问题是很重要的–所以我很兴奋地关注这个视频的展开。

=> TDD Chess Game Part 2

=> TDD棋局第二部分

Couple of interesting articles about a good interview questions – some really nice points in here for anyone on the giving end of the interview process:


=> Dissecting an interview question

=> What makes a good interview question

=> Microservices

By Martin Fowler – is this the definitive word on what an Enterprise Application is? Probably.

马丁-福勒(Martin Fowler)–这是关于什么是企业应用的权威性的说法吗?也许吧。

=> EnterpriseApplication

And finally, a fun little 10 minute demo of using Google Docs as a testing environment, by J. B. Rainsberger – always teaching:

最后,J.B.Rainsberger做了一个有趣的10分钟小演示,将Google Docs用作测试环境,他一直在教学。

=> Google Spreadsheet as a Test-First Demo Environment



Unless you’re one of the lucky souls that has been unlikely fortunate – you probably had to sit through your fair share of go-nowhere meetings, and you’ll find this piece especially relatable:


=> Meetings and Introverts: Strangers in Strange Lands