The Baeldung Weekly Review 13 – Baeldung周报》13

最后修改: 2014年 4月 4日




>> Java 8 Friday: The Dark Side of Java 8

Let’s start with this weeks Java 8 Friday goodie – about how Java 8 is rough around the edges (or at least around some edges). A must read even if you’re already using Java 8 for a while.

让我们从本周的 “Java 8星期五 “开始吧–关于Java 8的边缘是如何粗糙的(或者至少在某些边缘)。即使你已经使用了一段时间的Java 8,也必须阅读。

>> Common Misconceptions About Java

Bozho is at it again, this time with an interesting piece about misconceptions about Java – an interesting read.


>> Compiling and Running Java Without an IDE

This article is probably (hopefully) known territory for most – but I’ve seen over-reliance on the IDE in quite a few occasions, so – if you’re using your IDE exclusively to compile and run code – this is a good resource.


>> Interface Default Methods in Java 8

A good first look at the newly introduced Java 8 Default Methods.

对新引入的Java 8默认方法进行了良好的初步了解。

>> JDK 9 Project

Finally – in the hoopla that is the Java 8 release, this might have flown under the radar: the Java 9 page is up.

最后–在Java 8发布的喧嚣中,这个消息可能已经被忽略了。Java 9的页面已经建立



A more quiet week for Spring (other than Spring Boot which looks to be on fire after the 1.0 release) – Spring Tool Suite and 3.5.0 has also been released (I’ve been waiting for this one).

对于Spring来说,这是比较平静的一周(除了Spring Boot,它在1.0发布后看起来很火爆)。- Spring工具套件和3.5.0也已经发布了(我一直在等待这个版本)。

>> Real Time Analytics with Spring

Great hour-long presentation of Spring XD (with Redis) for real-time analytics in Spring applications.

一个小时的精彩演讲,介绍了Spring XD(含Redis)用于Spring应用中的实时分析

>> Building microservices with Spring Boot – part 1

Hot on the heels of the the Microservices trend that has been discussed lately – this is the first of what will be a series of articles illustrating how to build such micro-services with Spring.




>> Tracking Events Through Complex Stacks – Part 2

Useful writeup – like the one above – about running real systems in production, where you need to track things in a decent way and be able to read and make sense of your logs. Yeah – I missed the first part last week, but luckily I discovered it in time to share it in the review of this week.


>> RESTistential Crisis over Hypermedia APIs

An overview of the thornier concerns related to Hypermedia APIs over at InfoQ.

在InfoQ上对与Hypermedia APIs相关的更棘手的问题进行了概述。

>> ReportingDatabase

Martin Follower on the many advantages, downsides and alternatives of using a different Database for reporting purposes.

Martin Follower介绍了为报告目的使用不同的数据库的许多优势、劣势和替代方案。



>> Domain-Driven Design Revisited

Petri’s journey into DDD reignited my own interest for the subject – maybe it’s time to give it another go. Good article to get you back in the game if you’re on the fence.


>> Effective learning techniques for software craftsmen

Insightful look at the process of learning for a developer, alongside very practical advice to improve that process.