The Baeldung Weekly Review 17 – 巴尔东周报》 17

最后修改: 2014年 5月 2日


1. Java


>> 10 Features in Java 8 You Haven’t Heard Of

A quick and to the point article illustrating how much of Java we don’t yet know – very worthwhile to read and ponder.


>> Professional connection pool sizing

In this part of the Flexy Pool we go deeper into the runtime details and scenarios using the new pool proxy project – looks to be quite powerful.

在Flexy Pool的这一部分,我们深入研究使用新池子代理项目的运行细节和场景–看起来相当强大。

>> JDK 8, Lucene and SSD based Xeon Servers

If there’s any piece of software pushing the limits of Java, that’s Lucene. JDK 7 had some significant bugs with Lucene back in the day, and it looks like so does JDK 8 now. These will get ironed out with time, but it’s a good thing to look at upgrading to JDK 8 in a more complete light.

如果说有什么软件在挑战Java的极限,那就是Lucene。JDK 7当年在Lucene方面有一些重大的错误,现在看来JDK 8也是如此。这些问题会随着时间的推移而被解决,但从更全面的角度来看,升级到JDK 8是一件好事。

>> Java 8 Friday: Let’s Deprecate Those Legacy Libs

Java 8 Friday is back after the Easter break with an authoritative rundown of how Java 8 has deprecated a fair bit of pre-Java 8 library code. Guava is certainly one that comes to mind – and the library is adapting accordingly.

在复活节假期结束后,Java 8 Friday又回来了,它对Java 8如何废弃相当数量的Java 8之前的库代码进行了权威性的梳理。我想到的当然是 Guava – 该库正在进行相应的调整

2. Spring


>> Spring 4.1’s Upcoming JMS Improvements

A first glance into what’s around the corner with Spring 4.1 – looks like JMS is going to get a fresh coat of paint.

对Spring 4.1转角处的情况进行了初步了解–看起来JMS将获得一层新的油漆

>> Using jOOQ with Spring: Sorting and Pagination

Another solid installment of Petri’s jOOQ with Spring series – this time looking in quite some detail at two very important topics – Sorting and Pagination.


>> Load inheritance tree into List by Spring

A very quick and to the point post on working with a hierarchy of Spring beans.

这是一篇关于使用Spring Bean的层次结构的快速而有针对性的文章。

>> Using Http Session with Spring based web applications

If you’re doing any work on the web with Spring, chances are that you’re going to have to get your hands on the raw HttpSession. What’s that? You’d prefer to work higher level? So would I – but sometimes rolling up your sleeves is the only option.


This is a good article showing you how to inject the session using Spring.


>> Spring MVC and Thymeleaf: how to acess data from template

A good look at how to get to the data from within a Thymeleaf template with Spring MVC.

仔细研究了如何使用Spring MVC从Thymeleaf模板中获取数据。

3. Technical


>> SelfTestingCode

A nostalgic look-back piece on how the entire testing movement started. Warmly recommended.


>> Hypermedia FizzBuzz

This is a follow-up to an article that come out this week – Solving FizzBuzz with Hypermedia – and it brings an added layer of nuance on top of the original. It is also my main recommendation for this week – if you only click on one article – make it this one.


The main takeaway of both articles is a practical deep dive into HATEOAS – looking at how a a Hypermedia aware client would interact with a service vs a non Hypermedia aware client. The difference is stark – one can be evolved elegantly and with little effort while the other is unnecessarily coupled to the server implementation and needs to be rewritten several times.


>> TDD Chess Game Part 4: Getting Organized

The forth video in this truly useful screencast about TDD-ing a Chess Game into existence. If you’ve been reading my weekly reviews, you’re already familiar with the series, as I have recommended it several times by now.

这是关于TDD-ing a Chess Game into existence的真正有用的截屏中的第四个视频。如果你一直在读我的周评,你已经对这个系列很熟悉了,因为我现在已经推荐过几次了。

Because I’m traveling this week – I haven’t had a chance to do watch this latest installment, but I feel confident recommending it seeing how the first 3 parts were absolutely worth watching. If you’re still on the fence with TDD like I was for so long – go through this series for some newfound enthusiasm about taking the step.


Until next week,