The Baeldung Weekly Review 36 – Baeldung周报》 36

最后修改: 2014年 9月 12日


At the very beginning of 2014 I decided to start to track my reading habits and share the best stuff here, on Baeldung.


Curating my reading has made it more purposeful and diverse – and I’m hopefully providing value to you as well by allowing the best content of the week to raise to the top.


Here we go…


1. Java and Spring


>> When the Java 8 Streams API is not Enough

An in-depth look at a cool Stream extension library that come out of the jOOQ main library and API.


>> Java 9 – The Ultimate Feature List

A good discussion of the features that were announced/accepted into Java 9. A java REPL would be cool to have.

对宣布/接受到Java 9中的功能进行了很好的讨论。如果能有一个java REPL就更好了。

And of course, if you’re keeping track of news and updates on Java 9 – here’s the page where I’m tracking everything.

当然,如果您要跟踪有关 Java 9 的新闻和更新 – 这里是我跟踪一切的页面

>> Hunting Java Concurrency Bugs

Not light reading – Dr. Heinz Kabutz going over some interesting concurrency bugs. I only had time to look at two of these, but they all look like they’re worth exploring a bit more.

不是轻松的阅读–Heinz Kabutz博士介绍了一些有趣的并发性错误。我只有时间看了其中的两个,但它们看起来都值得多探索一下。

>> Caveats of HttpURLConnection

Just one of the many things that make the Apache Http libraries a superior alternative to the standard raw HTTP library that comes out of the box with the JDK.

使Apache Http库成为比JDK开箱即用的标准原始HTTP库更优越的选择,这只是其中之一。

>> Hibernate bytecode enhancement

This piece is going deeper into Hibernate dirty checking – now using bytecode enhancement techniques – an interesting and specialized read.


>> Two-Phase-Commit for In-Memory Caches – Part II

And since we’re on the persistence track, here’s a recent and good piece on transactions when you’re working with an in-memory cache on top of your raw persistence layer.


Finally – because SpringOne2GX was going on, there’s a bit less Spring related news than we’re accustomed to; we do have some cool releases:


2. Technical and Musings


>> What 60,000 Customer Searches Taught Us about Logging in JSON

This article has a good Call to Action: Start Logging in JSON Now!




The final chapter of a solid series on Network Performance.


>> Be Idiomatic

A good case for stepping out of your comfort zone and adopting the idiomatic traits of the particular language you’re coding in right now. It’s simply going to lead to you picking up the language faster.


>> The Sean Wes Podcast

This is one of my favorite podcasts out there – it’s jam packed with value 🙂 Have a listen.


3. Comics


XKCD is one of those sites that can eat up a good few hours digging through their archives – here’s some of my own favorite ones:


>> Collatz Conjecture

>> Impostor

>> Tech Support