The Baeldung Weekly Review 4 – Baeldung周报》4

最后修改: 2014年 1月 26日


My Weekly Review is one month old – so let’s look at what the end of January has for us.


On Spring


=> Spring Webminar Replays:

=> Spring Getting Started Guides

If you haven’t seen the Getting Started guides – you’re missing out – very useful to brush up on and keep up with best practices.


=> Testing Spring components with Mockito

Nice introduction about how is it is to test a standard Spring application with Mockito and Hamcrest.


=> Understanding Spring Web Initialization

A quick look at how to bootstrap a web app with Spring with Java only.


On Java


=> No need to wait – Java 8, it’s great

Practical view on how Java 8 lambdas will make things simpler.

关于Java 8 lambdas将如何使事情变得更简单的实用观点。

=> Java 8 Friday Goodies: Lambdas and XML

=> Java 8 Friday Goodies: The New New I/O APIs

A new Java 8 series I’m following – the first (from last week) shows a very nice usage of lambdas for processing XML with a clean, JQuery-like syntax – something I’m definitely going to use next time I need to process XML.

我正在关注一个新的Java 8系列–第一篇(从上周开始)展示了lambdas的一个非常好的用法,用于用干净的、类似JQuery的语法处理XML–这是我下次需要处理XML时一定会用到的。

The second article looks at how Java 8 has improved the way we work with files. Looking forward for the next one.

第二篇文章探讨了Java 8是如何改进我们处理文件的方式的。期待下一篇。

=> Java security patch breaks Guava library

I haven’t yet upgraded to the Java 7 update 51 – and I’ll probably hold off for a while longer – so this is just something to be aware of.

我还没有升级到Java 7的51号更新–我可能还会再忍一段时间–所以这只是需要注意的事情。



=> Automating JMeter tests with Maven and Jenkins

A good and in-depth article about running JMeter tests with Maven and Jenkins – I keep this one bookmarked for reference.


General Musings


=> Using BDD with Legacy Systems

This is useful for anyone working with Legacy systems (so likely for everyone). It’s a nuanced approach – no black and white here, and definitely worth reading.




That was a strong end for January – lot of Spring goodness, some interesting Java 8 stuff and a few other resources worth reading up on.

这就是一月份的强势结束–很多Spring的好处,一些有趣的Java 8的东西和其他一些值得阅读的资源。

See you next time.