The Baeldung Weekly Review 5 – 巴尔东周报》5

最后修改: 2014年 2月 4日

The first week of February looks to be a productive one – some very nice resources in this one, especially around HTTP and REST.


On Spring


=> Why I like Spring @Autowired for List types

Nice and quick intro on going beyond injecting a single bean at a time – by injecting collections of beans with Spring DI.

通过使用Spring DI注入Bean集合,超越了一次注入单个Bean的做法,这是一个很好的快速介绍。

=> Spring Framework 4.0.1 & 3.2.7 released – and 3.1.x retired

In case you missed it – the Spring Framework is moving forward – the 3.1 is officially retired and 3.2 is in maintenance mode.


=> Consuming Spring-hateoas Rest service using Spring RestTemplate and Super type tokens

On Java


=> Choosing an ExecutorService

=> ForkJoinPool: the Other ExecutorService

Very useful article on picking the right Executor Service for the job – well worth a read. Also a follow up going in-depth into the ForkJoinPool (with illustrations to top it off).


=> Java 8 Friday Goodies: Lambdas and Sorting

These posts are setting a good weekly cadence – this one is illustrating how Java 8 will change the way we sort – nice and clean.

这些帖子正在设定一个良好的每周节奏–这一篇是说明Java 8将如何改变我们的分类方式–漂亮而干净。


HTTP和REST </strong

=> Nine Things to Expect from HTTP/2

OK, if you have to pick one thing to read this week, pick this one – it delivers some great insight into how HTTP is evolving and what we should expect. An important read.


=> Measuring Up Hypermedia Types

Lays down the way of the land when it comes to picking a Hypermedia type from the myriad of options available.




=> Hibernate Facts: How to “assert” the SQL statement count

An interesting way of keeping tabs on the queries being executed by Hibernate – I might look into this to make sure I don’t introduce any performance regressions.

这是一个有趣的方法,可以监视Hibernate正在执行的查询 – 我可能会研究这个问题,以确保我不会引入任何性能退步。



=> Finding Bugs: Debugger versus Logging

Surprisingly there is still an argument about the value of good logging – a good overview between debugging and using proper logging.


General Musings


=> Two Ways to Get the Most Out of Daily Stand-up Meetings

Pragmatic points about holding an effective Stand-Up meeting. One other thing I found really effective, if the team is collocated, is to actually stand up – this keeps everyone from jumping from “problem finding” into “problem solving” mode.

关于举行有效的站立会议的务实观点。我发现还有一件事非常有效,如果团队在一起,就是真正站起来–这使每个人都不会从 “发现问题 “跳到 “解决问题 “模式。



These weekly reviews are a lot of fun to put together, and hopefully you’re getting good articles out of them as well. If you have any suggestions on the format, or if you think I missed anything this week – let me in the comments.


Until next week.