The Baeldung Weekly Review 8 – Baeldung周报》8

最后修改: 2014年 2月 25日


On Spring


Lots of Spring releases this week:


  • => Spring Data Release Train Codd Goes GA – This was quite a sustained effort from the Spring Data team, with Release Candidates and Service Releases flying left and right during the last few weeks. Nice to see Spring Data out and about – time to go upgrade my own projects to this release.
  • => Spring Framework 4.0.2 & 3.2.8 Released – the framework itself also saw an upgrade with quite a lot of bug fixes and some security vulnerabilities patched.
  • => Spring Security 3.2.1 and 3.0.5 Released – Spring Security has also been upgraded this week – this brings some maturity to the new Java-style Configuration support, and general upgrades to the newly released Spring versions.

Now, on to the webminar replays – of which there are many:


So – all in all, a very busy week for the Spring guys.


On Java


=> Monadic futures in Java 8: How to organize your data flow and avoid callback hell

Good teaser on going beyond async computations with callbacks and using monads – it should be clear by now that Java 8 will change all APIs.

关于用回调和使用单体超越异步计算的良好预告–现在应该很清楚,Java 8将改变所有API。

=> Coping with Methods with Many Parameters

A good article about best API practices for designing operations with many optional inputs. This is of course standard in many APIs, but it’s well worth reiterating since some APIs are still far from getting it right.




=> Uber Hypermedia – Minimalism on the Web

An elegant proposal for a new and very light media type – Uber Hypermedia (don’t let the name fool you). The examples look very clean and readable – you check check them out on github.

一个关于新的和非常轻的媒体类型的优雅建议–Uber超媒体(不要让这个名字欺骗你)。这些例子看起来非常干净和可读 – 你可以在github上查看检查它们

=> The regex that broke a server

Cool usecase of regex backtracking that leads to an O(2^n) operation.


=> Why I Write Tests?

=> 为什么我写测试?

Why write tests – the motivation of investing in your own piece of mind. Well worth it.


=> 5 Unit Testing Mistakes

Good takeaways for unit testing practitioners (everyone I hope) – and not only for developers starting out.


General Musings


=> Why Social Situations Exhaust Introverts: A Programmer’s Take

=> 为什么社交场合会让内向的人筋疲力尽。一个程序员的看法

A personal and insightful take on what it means to be an introvert, as well as what good, energy filled, experimentation driven progress looks like. This versus the energy draining experience of not making any measurable, visible progress towards some clearly defined goal.


If you click through, you’ll notice that it’s long – so if you’re thinking: Should I read this one? – I’ll help you out: Yes you should.




That’s it for this week – some good reads, from the new hypermedia type proposal to what looks to be maybe the start of a series on what it means to be an introvert.


We’re also getting closer to the release of Java 8 – which is going to probably be the catalyst for a lot of change, especially in API land.

我们也越来越接近Java 8的发布–它可能会成为很多变化的催化剂,尤其是在API领域

Until next time.