Baeldung Weekly Review 37 – Baeldung每周评论 37

最后修改: 2015年 9月 11日


At the very beginning of last year, I decided to track my reading habits and share the best stuff here, on Baeldung. Haven’t missed a review since.


Here we go…


1. Spring and Java


>> The State of the Module System []

A very good intro – nay – the reference intro to what’s going to be the Java module system. Good stuff.


Here’s a quick outside look at the module system as well.


>> Stream Performance []

>> 流性能 []

Very interesting data on stream performance, and depending on the performance goals of your system, maybe actionable data as well.


>> How to use Java 8 Functional Programming to Generate an Alphabetic Sequence []

Good things come to those who use Java 8 streams, but only the things left behind by those who use Clojure.

好事多磨,使用Java 8流的人,但只有使用Clojure的人留下的东西。

>> What’s New In Spring Data Release Gosling? []

A myriad of improvements in this release; I’m most excited about the new Querydsl web support and the HAL browser – these look highly useful.

这个版本有无数的改进;我最兴奋的是新的Querydsl网络支持和HAL浏览器 – 这些看起来非常有用。

>> Introduction to Event Sourcing and Command-Query Responsibility Segregation []

Introducing both CQRS and Event Sourcing in a single piece is not easy, but this definitely is a good initial writeup in what I’m hoping is going to be a long series.


>> 7 Java Performance Metrics to Watch After a Major Release []

A solid set of basic metrics that you really do need to always track, but even more so after putting a major release into production.
Also worth reading:


Webinars and presentations:


Time to upgrade:


2. Technical


>> Call me Maybe: MariaDB Galera Cluster []

Another clustering solution that looks decent but ultimately doesn’t hold water yet.


>> How we ended up with microservices []

Long but very interesting read on anther, much less talked about aspect of microservices – team productivity.


Also worth reading:


3. Musings


>> Knowledge Breadth versus Depth []

The classical knowledge quadrant, as it applies to the technical field and growing as an architect.


Also worth reading:


4. Comics


And my favorite comics of the week:


>> Why the mantis shrimp is my new favorite animal []

>> Dear Sriracha aka Rooster Sauce []

>> What it’s like to own an Apple product []

5. Pick of the Week

5 本周精选

Earlier this year I introduced the “Pick of the Week” section here in my “Weekly Review”. If you’re already on my email list – you got the pick already – hope you enjoyed it.

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