Conferences in May – 五月的会议

最后修改: 2016年 4月 30日


After reading the enthusiastic Join me at GeeCON article I was inspired to do a quick writeup about the conferences that are coming up in the month of May.

在阅读了热情洋溢的Join me at GeeCON文章后,我受到启发,想对5月份即将举行的会议做一个简单的撰写。

I’m super excited about May; first off, there’s GeeCON, starting on the 11th and wrapping up on the 13th and then SpringIO in Barcelona, on the 19 and the 20th.


Both of these are fantastic events with a lot of cool talks. But, beyond the talks, it’s the hallway track that I’m psyched about even more. Reading about “the community” in general simply doesn’t compare to being in a room with so many passionate developers.

这两个活动都很好,有很多很酷的讲座。但是,除了讲座,我更期待的是走廊上的讨论。阅读关于 “社区 “的一般信息根本无法与在一个房间里与如此多热情的开发者相比。

So, if you’re planning to attend – and I definitely recommend you do – grab me and say hi.



Now, here are the talks I’m most excited about – first, from GeeCON:


– Cloud Native Java

– Cloud Native Java

– MDD: Metrics Driven Development

– MDD:指标驱动的开发

– Microservices. Stairway to heaven or highway to hell?

– 微服务。通往天堂的阶梯还是通往地狱的公路?

– Microservices tracing with Spring Cloud and Zipkin

– 使用Spring Cloud和Zipkin进行微服务追踪

– Beyond lambdas – the aftermath

– 超越lambdas–后话

– PrivateEye

– PrivateEye

– Creating Jenkins pipelines with groovy-based DSL

– 用基于groovy的DSL创建Jenkins管道

– Take me on a journey – the next step in automated testing practices

– 带我去旅行–自动化测试实践的下一步

– Building multiplayer game using Reactive Streams

– 使用反应式流构建多人游戏

– How to Think, in RxJava, Before Reacting

– 在RxJava中,如何在反应之前进行思考

– Twelve BDD Antipatterns – stories from the trenches about how NOT to do BDD

– 十二个BDD反模式–来自战壕的关于如何不做BDD的故事

– Every millisecond counts

– 每一毫秒都很重要

– Better living through pull requests

– 通过拉动请求改善生活


And from SpringIO:


– From Spring Framework 4.3 to 5.0

– 从Spring Framework 4.3到5.0

– Designing Applications: The Reactive Way

– 设计应用程序。反应式的方法

– 10 ways to get super-productive with Spring Boot

– 10种使用Spring Boot的超级生产力的方法

– JUnit 5 – Shaping the Future of Testing on the JVM

– JUnit 5 – 塑造JVM上测试的未来

– Understanding Microservice Performance

– 了解微服务的性能

– Testing Spring Boot Applications

– 测试Spring Boot应用程序

– What’s new in Spring Data?

– Spring Data中的新内容?

– From Imperative To Reactive

– 从强制性到反应性的

– Test-driven documentation with Spring REST Docs

– 使用Spring REST Docs测试驱动的文档

– Extending Spring Data

– 扩展Spring Data

– Securing RESTful services with Spring HATEOAS and HDIV

– 使用Spring HATEOAS和HDIV确保RESTful服务


A lot of cool stuff that’s going to have an impact over the work I’m going to be doing in 2016.


And of course I’m excited about my own presentations, so definitely join me for that as well.


Yeah, May is going to be fun.