Java Web Weekly, Issue 156 – Java网络周刊》第156期

最后修改: 2016年 12月 21日


1. Spring and Java


>> No, being wary doesn’t hurt Java. A comment about Java licensing. []

>> What we Need is Standardised Non-OSS Licenses []

Notes about the controversial topic of Oracle and Java licensing.


>> Hibernate Tips: How to automatically set an attribute before persisting it []

Another useful tip for Hibernate users.


>> Polymorphism of MVC-esque Web Architecture: Real Time Reactive Fulfillment []

An exploration of advanced architectural paradigms derived from the classic MVC.


>> The Surprising Truth of Java Exceptions: What Is REALLY Going on Under the Hood? []

Ever wondered what happens in the JVM during Java Exceptions handling?


>> Spring Boot and Application Context Hierarchy []

A quick write-up about the hierarchy of ApplicationContexts in Spring Boot.

关于Spring Boot中ApplicationContexts的层次结构的快速文章。

>> Do You Really Have to Name Everything in Software? []

Lukas’ opinion on one of the two hardest things in Computer Science 🙂

卢卡斯对计算机科学中最难的两件事之一的看法 🙂

>> Introduction to Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) []

A solid introduction to CDI from Java EE.

坚实的CDI介绍从Java EE。

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2. Technical and Musings


>> The Nature and Eventual End of the Journeyman Idealist []

The 3rd part of the Journeyman Idealist series, all about how the typical 9 to 5 is not as simple as it once was.

Journeyman Idealist系列的第三部分,所有关于典型的朝九晚五并不像以前那样简单。

>> How To Maximize Fun In Enterprise Projects []

A short satiric guide to getting more fun from enterprise projects 🙂

从企业项目中获得更多乐趣的简短讽刺指南 🙂

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3. Comics


And my favorite Dilberts of the week:


>> That would be a huge personal violation []

>> I made 75 fashion decisions before breakfast []

>> How would I make a billion dollars? []

4. Pick of the Week


>> Work ethic []