Java Weekly, Issue 462 – Java周刊,第462期

最后修改: 2022年 11月 4日

1. Spring and Java


>> ObjectInputFilter []

>> ObjectInputFilter []

Exploring different ways of creating object input filters and demoing some edge cases of using them.


>> Using the JFR Event Streaming API in Automated Tests – Sip of Java []

>> 在自动测试中使用JFR事件流API – Sip of Java []

A real-time look into what happens within a Java application using JFR Event Streaming API.

使用JFR Event Streaming API实时查看Java应用程序中发生的情况。

>> VS Code: Getting Better and Better for Java []

>> VS Code:越来越好的Java []

Type hierarchy, generating tests, enhanced refactoring, classpath configuration, and many more features for Java in VSCode.


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2. Technical & Musings

2.技术& 思考

>> Structured error messages for HTTP APIs []

>> HTTP API的结构化错误信息 []

Meet RFC 7807 –  a standard way of structuring errors in HTTP APIs. Good stuff.

满足RFC 7807–HTTP API中错误结构的标准方式。好东西。

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3. Comics


>> AI Based On Wally []

>> AI Based On Wally []

>> New Vp Of R&D []

>> New Vp Of R&D []

>> Boss Is A Jerk []

>> 老板是个混蛋 []

4. Pick of the Week


The annual Capture the Flag competition from Snyk is back in a few days, on Nov 9th:


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