The Baeldung Weekly Review 23 – Baeldung周报》 23

最后修改: 2014年 6月 13日


1. Java and Spring


>> Writing Clean Tests – Divide and Conquer

A good unit test should fail for only one reason” – this simple fact is oh so important to adhere to and has a major impact on the quality of your design. When I’m writing a test and I’m unable to identify a single and clear responsibility for that test – broadening the test is never a good answer. Instead – this is a clear code smell to tell me that I need to work on my design.

一个好的单元测试应该只因为一个原因而失败” –这个简单的事实哦,要坚持下去,对你的设计质量有重大影响。当我在写一个测试时,我无法确定该测试的单一和明确的责任–扩大测试从来都不是一个好答案。相反–这是一个明显的代码气味,告诉我我需要在设计上下功夫

>> A beginner’s guide to Hibernate Types

A quick intro to Hibernate – before anything else, it’s good to have a solid grasp on the basics.


>> Listing a ZIP file contents with Stream API in Java 8

How to work with zip files in Java and the new Java 8 APIs – quick and to the point.

如何在Java中处理压缩文件和新的Java 8 APIs–快速而有针对性。

>> java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

Good page to understand the infamous Java OutOfMemoryError, and a cool presentation style as well.

这是一个很好的页面,可以了解臭名昭著的Java OutOfMemoryError,而且演示风格也很酷。

>> Spring Boot 1.1 GA Released

Spring Boot is moving fast – maybe it’s time to mothball my usual heartbeat / health hand rolled APIs and start using /metrics instead.

Spring Boot发展迅速–也许是时候抛弃我一贯的心跳/健康手卷API,开始使用/metrics了。

Finally – a few upcoming and recorded webinars over on


2. Technical


>> RFC2616 is Dead

Probably the biggest news this week – if you’re doing any kind of work involving HTTP: the old HTTP spec is now OBSOLETE and replaced with 6 separate specs. 5 years in the making (or is it 7?) – I am excited about this. On to HTTP/2.0.


>> HTTP/1.1 just got a major update.

And a quick recap of the changes that were introduced with the new HTTP spec.


The more grasp you have over what happens on the network, the better off you’ll be understanding the overall behavior of your system, and the better chance you’ll have to find the low handing performance optimization fruit. And don’t think the isn’t any – there usually is.


>> 5 Ways to Use Log Data to Analyze System Performance

>> 使用日志数据分析系统性能的5种方法

An interesting read on how log data is used to identify performance issues – the kind of insights that you can only get from large amounts of data across many applications.


>> Make Tests Fail

Reg-Green-Refactor – it’s a message that has been discussed over and over (and over) again; this is a quick and solid intro to the question – But Why Red?


3. Musings


>> The Zen of Rejection: Let Companies Go In That Other Direction

>> 拒绝之禅。让企业走向另一个方向

A personal read about dealing with rejection after a job interview, the myriad of chaotic factors that go into the outcome and how to deal with it with more nuance and sanity.