The Baeldung Weekly Review 29 – Baeldung周报》 29

最后修改: 2014年 7月 25日


At the very beginning of 2014 I decided to start better documenting my reading habits and sharing them here with all of you.


The point is two fold – by curating and documenting, my reading has become more purposeful and diverse. Also – I believe that curation of good content brings a lot of value, helps people explore and allows the best stuff to raise to the top.


Hopefully you’ll enjoy these as we move in the latter half of 2014.


Here we go…


1. Java


>> Writing Tests for Data Access Code – Don’t Test the Framework

Let’s start the review for this week right – the ‘Don’t Test the Framework’ message is one of the more important takeaways that you

让我们开始本周的回顾吧–“不要测试框架 “的信息是你的一个更重要的收获。

>> How to Instantly Improve Your Java Logging With 7 Logback Tweaks

This article has filled a gap in the ecosystem – by taking a good look, backed by real numbers, at the most common logging appenders in the logging landscape today.


>> Keeping things DRY: Method overloading

API design is nuanced and you have to be mindful of so many aspects – good resources on this discipline are few and far between – so this one is well worth reading.


>> Hibernate hidden gem: the pooled-lo optimizer

This article continues the series by going even further on identifiers and generation strategies. Learned a lot from this article – I wasn’t aware of most of the strategies to generate identifier, but I’m definitely going to pay a bit more attention to my identifiers going forward.


2. Spring


>> Spring Framework 4.1 release candidate available

Very cool news this week – the first RC of Spring 4.1 came out. Hop on over and read what’s new – so many things.

本周有一个非常酷的消息–Spring 4.1的第一个RC出来了。快来看看有什么新消息吧–有很多东西。

>> Spring Framework 4.1 – handling static web resources

Serving your static resources with Spring is not hard – but things like a good reference application and playing well with existing tools are solid and welcomed improvements.


>> $text $search your Documents with Spring Data MongoDB

Full text search with Mongo and Spring Data – it looks like you can do quite a lot without using a full fledged solution like SOLR.

使用Mongo和Spring Data的全文搜索 – 看起来你可以在不使用SOLR等成熟解决方案的情况下做很多事情。

>> Tailing a file – Spring Websocket sample

This is a cool use of the websocket support in Spring – tailing a file.


3. Technical


>> Chess TDD 10: A Knight’s Tale

Since this is the 10th installment of the series, and I covered all of them in earlier weekly reviews, you’re probably either already following this series closely (as well you should), or you’re not interested. On the off chance that you’re undecided – let me nudge you in the right direction – mosey on over and start watching it from the very start. It’s a bit of a time investment, but then again – what good thing isn’t?


>> Collection Pipeline

A long and insightful article about a common functional pattern – operations on collections of data.