Baeldung Weekly Review 45 – Baeldung每周评论 45

最后修改: 2014年 11月 14日


At the very beginning of 2014 I decided to start to track my reading habits and share the best stuff here, on Baeldung.


Curating my reading has made it more purposeful and diverse – and I’m hopefully providing value to you as well by allowing the best content of the week to raise to the top.


Here we go…


1. Java and Spring


>> One more library for JDK 9?

A “Put Op or Shut Up” call to arms for an addition to the JDK – one that’s potentially small enough to make it into JDK 9 and also belongs there. Any thoughts?

JDK添加一个–一个有可能小到足以进入JDK 9并且属于那里的添加物而发出的 “不干活就闭嘴 “的呼吁。有什么想法吗?

>> Converting from Joda-Time to java.time

I’ve been using joda-time for as long as I can remember. However, moving into JDK 8 territory – it’s time to switch back to the standard Date libraries. Here’s how.

从我有记忆以来,我一直在使用joda-time。然而,在进入JDK 8领域后–现在是切换回标准Date库的时候了。方法是这样的。

>> An entity modelling strategy for scaling optimistic locking

Another good piece on optimistic locking – this time about strategies of using versions for entities. This looks like a small eBook in the making.


>> No properties in the Java language

“The Java Language is not getting properties”


>> How Immutability Helps

Good insights into why immutability should clearly be a major focus for library designers. For everyone else really, but the design of a library that’s used by a lot of developers sets the tone and should lead by example.


>> JMeter Version 2.12 Is Out

JMeter is an essential tool, and one that I find myself using on each and every non trivial project. So when a new version comes out with a lot of cool features – I’m excited.

JMeter是一个必不可少的工具,我发现自己在每一个非微不足道的项目中都会用到它。因此,当一个新的版本出现时,有很多很酷的功能 – 我很兴奋。

>> Spring boot war packaging

Quick and to the point about how to do the war packaging for a Spring Boot project, instead of the executable jar approach.

关于如何为Spring Boot项目进行war打包,而不是采用可执行的jar方法,快速而有针对性。

And a host of Webinars replays from SpringOne:


And of course, the releases of the week:


2. Technical and Musings


>> The “Synthesize the Experts” Anti-Pattern

An interesting read about mentorship in growing in the technical sense.

关于技术意义上的mentorship in growing的有趣阅读。

>> Development Overhead

There are so many aspects to being productive that measuring a language by verbosity is a bit misleading. This is an interesting read on how a developer might spend their time on things other than actual coding.


3. Comics


The creator of XKCD – Randall Munroe is a weird man – here’s the cool stuff weirdness leads to:

XKCD的创造者–Randall Munroe是一个怪人–这里有怪人导致的酷事。

>> Geese

>> Efficiency

>> Cemetery

4. Pick of the Week


I recently introduced the “Pick of the Week” section here in my “Weekly Review”. If you’re already on my email list – you have the pick already – hope you enjoyed it.

我最近在 “每周回顾 “中推出了 “每周精选 “部分。如果你已经在我的电子邮件列表中–你已经有了这个精选–希望你喜欢它。