Java Web Weekly 38 (formerly the “Baeldung Weekly Review”) – Java Web周刊38(原为“Baeldung周刊评论”)

最后修改: 2015年 9月 18日


This week I’m announcing – and putting into practice – a name change for the “Baeldung Weekly Review“. The new weekly review will be called “Java Web Weekly”.

本周我宣布–并将其付诸实施–Baeldung周评“的名称改变。新的周评将被称为“Java Web周刊”

The reason behind the change is simple – I found that the old name didn’t really communicate to new readers what the review is about. The new name is much clearer and also fits the content and my own focus perfectly.


And of course, besides the name – the review will be exactly the same.


Here we go…


1. Spring and Java


>> React.js and Spring Data REST: Part 2 – Hypermedia []

A tour de force of Spring Data REST and just how easy it makes baking in a lot of Hypermedia goodness in an API. Only a few APIs do it and even fewer do it well.

这是一篇关于Spring Data REST的文章,介绍了它是如何在API中轻松实现超媒体功能的。只有少数API能做到这一点,而且做得好的更少。

Hypermedia controls is one of my favorite things to really take the API up a notch, especially now that I’m getting closer to recording Course 7 (Evolving, Discovering and Documenting the REST API) of my REST With Spring classes. I’m was thinking of having a section on Spring Data REST, but I might just have to dedicate a whole bonus course to it to do it justice.

超媒体控制是我最喜欢的东西之一,可以真正将API提升一个档次,尤其是现在我越来越接近录制my REST With Spring课程的第7课(演化、发现和记录REST API)。我正在考虑设立一个关于Spring Data REST的部分,但我可能要为它专门设立一个完整的奖励课程,以使其公正。

>> Create type-safe queries with the JPA static metamodel []

An exploration of the cool static metamodel helper classes out of JPA. Once you get past the process of generating these – they really come in handy to write fluent, clean persistence level logic.


>> Stream Performance – Your Ideas []

New numbers on top of the results from last week – on the performance of Java 8 Streams.

在上周的结果之上又有新的数字–关于Java 8 Streams的性能

>> An introduction to optimising a hashing strategy [vanillajava]

An interesting deep-dive into improving the hashing strategies we’re using daily.


>> AssertJ’s SoftAssertions – do we need them? []

Soft assertions are a new concept (for me) – and I’ll probably be very selective in how I actually use them, but I can certainly see how – in a few scenarios – these would come in really really handy.


>> JDK 9: Highlights from The State of the Module System [marxsoftware]

Some takeaways from the official info that came out last week on how Java 9 modularization will behave. I like the short, distilled notes.

从上周发布的关于Java 9模块化n将如何表现的官方信息中得到了一些启示。我喜欢这些简短、精炼的说明。

>> Automated tests with Eclipse using MoreUnit []

It may be easy to dismiss the little quirks of your IDE, but it always pays off to improve your craft and your workflow. Here’s an Eclipse plugin that looks promising if you’re doing TDD.


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Time to upgrade:

2. Technical


>> Achieving Consistency in CQRS with Linear Event Store []

The second installment in this Event Sourcing focused series – going into a lot of detail about the choices that go into selecting an Event Store and interacting with it efficiently.


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3. Musings


>> Putting on the shipping goggles []

This piece really lands if you’ve ever shipped anything – especially your own work.


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4. Pick of the Week


Along with the name change, another small change in the pick section is that I’m removing the lock mechanism.


Here’s a very cool Markdown app – if you’re doing any kind of writing:


>> Dillinger