Apache HttpClient – Get the Status Code – Apache HttpClient – 获取状态代码

最后修改: 2013年 12月 24日


1. Overview


In this very quick tutorial, I will show how to get and validate the StatusCode of the HTTP Response using HttpClient.


If you want to dig deeper and learn other cool things you can do with the HttpClient – head on over to the main HttpClient tutorial.


2. Retrieve the Status Code from the Http Response


After sending the Http request – we get back an instance of org.apache.http.HttpResponse – which allows us to access the status line of the response, and implicitly the Status Code:



Using this, we can validate that the code we receive from the server is indeed correct:


public void givenGetRequestExecuted_whenAnalyzingTheResponse_thenCorrectStatusCode() 
  throws ClientProtocolException, IOException {
    HttpClient client = HttpClientBuilder.create().build();    
    HttpResponse response = client.execute(new HttpGet(SAMPLE_URL));
    int statusCode = response.getStatusLine().getStatusCode();
    assertThat(statusCode, equalTo(HttpStatus.SC_OK));

Notice that we’re using the predefined Status Codes also available in the library via org.apache.http.HttpStatus.


3. Conclusion


This very simple example shows how to retrieve and work with Status Codes with the Apache HttpClient.

这个非常简单的例子展示了如何用Apache HttpClient 检索和处理状态代码。

The implementation of all these examples and code snippets can be found in my github project – this is an Eclipse based project, so it should be easy to import and run as it is.

所有这些例子和代码片段的实现可以在我的github项目中找到 – 这是一个基于Eclipse的项目,所以它应该很容易导入并按原样运行。