Java Web Weekly, Issue 123 – Java网络周刊,第123期

最后修改: 2016年 5月 5日


At the very beginning of last year, I decided to track my reading habits and share the best stuff here, on Baeldung. Haven’t missed a review since.


Here we go…


1. Spring and Java


>> The best way of logging JDBC statements []

Some cool techniques to set up logging in a Hibernate system or right around the data source.


This one falls in the category – “didn’t know you could do that”.

这个属于–“不知道你可以这样做 “的范畴。

>> What’s new in Spring Data Hopper? []

Some really cool stuff in this latest Spring Data release.

这个最新的Spring Data版本中,有一些非常酷的东西

I’m especially interested in the Querydsl stuff – looks like I have something to play with this weekend.


Projections also look like they’re going to really come in handy in some scenarios.


>> Using Java Generics to express variance of Collections and Functions []

Playing with generics is always fun, especially when you sprinkle some Java 8 syntax on top.

玩泛型总是很有趣,尤其是当你在上面撒上一些Java 8语法的时候。

>> Laziness at extreme: developing JAX-RS services with Spring Boot []

A quick and fun way of using Boot outside the core Spring ecosystem.


Also worth reading:


Webinars and presentations:


Time to upgrade:


2. Technical


>> The Benefits of Hypermedia APIs []

If you’ve been following Baeldung for any amount of time, you know Hypermedia APIs are one of my favorite topics. So I was excited to see this writeup pop up in my RSS feed.


Yeah – go read this one.


>> Locating Common Micro Service Performance Anti-Patterns []

A solid overview of the common things that can go wrong in a microservice architecture.


Some of these aren’t microservice specific, but the ones that are definitely paint a clear picture of the extra complexity in this kind of system.


>> Microservices are about applying a group of Best Practices []

Moving an existing codebase to a microservice architecture is no small feat. And that’s not even taking into account the non-technical challenges.


We definitely need more nuanced strategies based on actual production experience with microservices to help drive these architectural decisions.


Also worth reading:


3. Musings


>> Hiring is Broken… And It Isn’t Worth Fixing []

An insightful read on how the hiring process isn’t looking at the right things.


It’s also long enough to fit three cool cartoons 🙂


The interesting thing is that I’ve read about at least two companies trying to take on the challenge just this week – both with non-traditional, depth vs width approaches. So maybe there’s hope.


>> Breach concealment is not a security strategy []

If you find security news and musings about the right way to handle a data breach interesting – then this is certainly worth reading.


>> Email: how to be polite and efficient []

The more email I get, the more I think that writing good email is a black art. This quick writeup has some useful rules to live by when writing that email.


>> Applied Consultant Taxonomy to Prevent Confusion []

More nuanced and practical examples of how scoping and defining different roles is important, and “consultant” really isn’t enough.

更多细微和实用的例子,说明确定不同角色的范围和定义是很重要的,而“顾问 “真的不够

Also worth reading:


4. Comics


And my favorite Dilberts of the week:


>> I’ll sweet your dumb tweets off to the side []

>> Buy our monthly subscription or I’ll send your browser history to your contacts []

>> Should have kept that thought bottled up []

5. Pick of the Week

5 本周精选

>> Hacking is Important []