Java Web Weekly, Issue 157 – Java网络周刊》第157期

最后修改: 2016年 12月 28日

This is the last Java Web Weekly of 2016. Lots to cover in this one so let’s jump right into it.

这是2016年的最后一期Java Web周刊。这一期有很多内容,让我们直接进入主题。

1. Spring and Java


>> Is Gartner’s Report of Java EE’s Demise Greatly Exaggerated? []

An interesting discussion about the legitimacy of the Gartner’s report about the Java EE market position.

关于Gartner报告中关于Java EE市场地位的合法性的有趣讨论。

>> This Year in Spring – 2016 edition []

High-level summary of what happened in the Spring ecosystem in 2016.


>> Hibernate Tips: How to cascade a persist operation to child entities []

A quick solution to the problem of propagating the persist operation down the entity hierarchy.


>> Refactoring to Reactive – Anatomy of a JDBC migration []

A detailed step-by-step insight into a process of going Reactive with RxJava and JDBC.


>> Java Type Inference Won’t Support Mutability Specification []

A very informative update explaining why we won’t be getting the “val” alongside “var” when making use of local variable type inference.

一个非常翔实的更新,解释了为什么我们在使用局部变量类型推理时不会在 “var “旁边得到 “val”

>> Anemic Objects Are OK []

A few notes about the pragmatic approach to Object Oriented Programming. Bozho is confronting Yegor Bugayenko’s arguments.

关于面向对象编程的实用主义方法的一些说明。Bozho正在对抗Yegor Bugayenko的论点。

>> Spring From the Trenches: Disabling Cookie Management of Apache HTTP Client 4 and RestTemplate []

A short example showing how to disable Cookie Management in the HTTP Client 4 (and making sure that RestTemplate actually uses it).


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2. Musings and Technical


>> Toward a Galvanizing Definition of Technical Debt []

Michael Feathers straightens up and explains what technical debt actually is.


>> Progress Bars are Surprisingly Difficult []

A short write-up about how hard it is to actually create an accurate Progress Bar ?


>> The threat of technological unemployment []

A few philosophical thoughts about the future threat of technological unemployment.


>> Windows and PHP are snowballs. Respect them. []

A short explanation why you should respect Windows and PHP even when you do not like them ?

一个简短的解释,为什么即使你不喜欢Windows和PHP,你也应该尊重它们 ?

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3. Comics


And my favorite Dilberts of the week:


>> Remind me why I went to college? []

>> That man has someplace to be []

>> How’d you get the black eye? []

4. Pick of the Week


>> What’s an hour? []