Java Web Weekly, Issue 161 – Java网络周刊》第161期

最后修改: 2017年 1月 26日


1. Spring and Java


>> Bean Validation 2.0 Progress Report []

The new features of the Bean Validation 2.0 definitely look promising.

Bean Validation 2.0的新功能看起来绝对很有希望。

>> Swift for Beans – var, let and Type Inference []

Swift-like features are making their way into Java.


>> New JEP Would Simplify Java Type Variance []

Simplified Type Variance possibly in JDK 10.

简化的类型差异可能在JDK 10中。

>> Declutter Your POJOs with Lombok []

A short overview of Lombok – the Java boilerplate killer.


>> Pivotal Releases First Milestone of Next-Generation Spring Data Featuring Reactive Database Access []

The first milestone of the new Spring Data was already released.

新Spring Data的第一个里程碑已经发布。

It looks like it will be possible to create “reactive” repositories making use of the Spring Reactor project.

看起来有可能利用Spring Reactor项目来创建“反应式 “存储库

>> Hibernate Tips: Use query comments to identify a query []

A quick and very practical write-up about leveraging query comments in Hibernate.


>> JDK 9 is the End of the Road for Some Features []

Most articles focus on JDK 9 additions. This one goes through the list of features to be removed from JVM.

大多数文章都关注JDK 9的新增功能。本篇文章介绍了将从JVM中删除的功能列表

>> Protecting JAX-RS Resources with RBAC and Apache Shiro []

Implementing a fine-grained Role-Based Access Control with Apache Shiro.

用Apache Shiro实现细粒度的基于角色的访问控制。

>> Flyway Tutorial – Execute Migrations using Maven []

Another short write-up about doing database migrations with Flyway. This time, focusing on the maven-flyway-plugin.


>> Building Reactive Applications with Akka Actors and Java 8 []

It turns out you do not need to use Scala in order to be able to use Akka 🙂

事实证明,你不需要使用Scala就能使用Akka 🙂。

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2. Technical


>> Navigating the microservice architecture pattern language – part 1 []

A short write-up exploring and explaining the semantics of microservices.


>> Better performance: the case for timeouts []

A very detailed experiment showing that such basic things as timeouts can noticeably impact the performance.


>> Exploring data sets with Kibana []

The title says all 🙂


>> AWS Serverless Lambda Scheduled Events to Store Tweets in Couchbase []

A short tutorial showing how to use Couchbase in a tweet-fetching AWS Lambda application.

一个简短的教程,展示了如何在获取推特的AWS Lambda应用中使用Couchbase。

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3. Musings


>> Software Development and the Gig Economy []

A few thoughts about the Software Development market and the direction it’s heading.


>> Managing a To Do list []

>> Really Managing a To Do list []

Tips on how to effectively manage your TODOs.


>> Automate Your Documentation []

How to write documentation as easy as possible 🙂

如何尽可能方便地编写文档 🙂

>> Collaborating with Outsiders to the Dev Team []

Trying to teach developers how to live with other forms of life 🙂

试图教会开发者如何与其他形式的生命共存 🙂

>> Nights and Weekends []

Building something interesting in your off hours isn’t supposed to be easy.


>> SyntheticMonitoring []

An explanation of the Synthetic Monitoring technique which revolves around running tests on a live system.


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4. Comics


And my favorite Dilberts of the week:


>> Secret Goals []

>> Totally different []

>> Work-life balance []

5. Pick of the Week

5 本周精选

>> How to do what you love and make good money []