Java Weekly, Issue 461 – Java周刊,第461期

最后修改: 2022年 10月 28日

1. Spring and Java


>> Pre-Allocated Methods for HashMap and HashSet – Sip of Java []

>> HashMap和HashSet的预分配方法 – Sip of Java []

Let’s have a look at how Java 19 factory methods for pre-allocated maps and sets can prevent costly reallocations.

让我们来看看Java 19 工厂方法对预分配的映射和集合如何防止昂贵的重新分配。

>> JEP 433: Pattern Matching for switch (Fourth Preview) []

>> JEP 433: switch的模式匹配(第四次预览) []

Yet another preview for pattern matching in Java: more expressive, safer when dealing with all possible inputs, and backward compatibility.


>> Introducing Spring Modulith []

>> 介绍Spring Modulith []

And a new, experimental project for expressing logical application modules in code to build well-structured, domain-aligned applications.


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Webinars and presentations:


Time to upgrade:


2. Technical & Musings

2.技术& 思考

>> Apache Kafka 3.3 Replaces ZooKeeper with the New KRaft Consensus Protocol []

>> Apache Kafka 3.3用新的KRaft共识协议替换了ZooKeeper []

The first Kafka release with a production-ready KRaft implementation: much less ops overhead with better performance. Good stuff.


>> Discuss the problem, not the solution []

>> 讨论问题,而不是解决方案 []

And a good take on why investing more into understanding the problem is more valuable than quickly discussing solutions.


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3. Comics


>> Approved By A Mean Guy []

>> Approved By A Mean Guy[]

>> Wally Top 10% Employee []

>> Wally前10%员工 []

>> Dilbert Quiet Quits []

>> Dilbert Quiet Quits []

4. Pick of the Week


And a quick guide to exploring 5 critical elements of technical debt:


>>Download: Technical Debt – A Guide for Frustrated Software Architects and CIOs []

>>下载。技术债务–沮丧的软件架构师和CIO指南 []

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