Spring and Spring Boot Adoption in March 2016 – 2016年3月的Spring和Spring Boot采用情况

最后修改: 2016年 3月 22日


1. The 2015 Numbers


Spring 4 came out in December 2013 and it’s been slowly ramping up ever since.


In May 2015, I ran a survey that puts Spring 4 adoption at 65% and Spring Boot adoption at 34%.

2015年5月,我进行了一项调查,认为Spring 4的采用率为65%Spring Boot的采用率为34%

2. The New 2016 Spring Numbers


Last week I just wrapped up a the new “Java and Spring in 2016” survey and received 2253 answers from the community.

上周,我刚刚结束了一项新的 “2016年的Java和Spring “调查,收到了来自社区的2253份答案。

In March of 2016, 81.1% of Spring users are using Spring 4 – so definitely a lot of growth since last years 65%:

2016年3月,81.1%的Spring用户正在使用Spring 4–因此自去年的65%以来,肯定有很大的增长。

3. The Spring Boot Numbers

3. The Spring Boot Numbers

Spring Boot is even more interesting, growing from 34% last year to 52.8%:

Spring Boot更有意思,从去年的34%增长到52.8%

4. Conclusion

4. Conclusion

The new numbers are quite interesting, especially the Spring Boot ones which clearly show Boot reached critical mass as it broke the 50% mark.

新的数字相当有趣,尤其是Spring Boot的数字,它清楚地表明Boot达到了临界质量,因为它突破了50%的标志。

Out of the full 2255 participants, 388 (17.2%) voted as not using Spring – but keep in mind that my audience is skewed towards Spring developers.


And of course Spring 5 is less than a year away and 4.3 is even closer – so things are going to be just as fast-paced in 2016.