The Baeldung Weekly Review 24 – Baeldung周报》 24

最后修改: 2014年 6月 19日


1. Java and Spring


>> Test Data Builders and Object Mother: another look

Let’s start this review with something cool – an interesting combination of using the well-known Builder pattern with a factory. I’ve been personally doing Builder-only for years, but I might give this shorthand a try. All in all – go read this one.


>> Lambda Expressions and Stream API: basic examples

Some quick and to the point examples of using Java 8 Lambas and Streams – Rafał is on a roll this week 🙂

使用Java 8 Lambas和Streams的一些快速和直接的例子 – Rafał本周正在进行中 🙂

>> Java 8 Friday: 10 Subtle Mistakes When Using the Streams API

Looks like the Streams API has a few caveats to be aware of – good to have a rundown of some of these.

看起来Streams API有一些需要注意的地方–很高兴能对其中的一些问题进行梳理。

>> Further Cache Improvements in Spring 4.1

The Spring Cache support is clearly moving forward with 4.1. We’re going to see more convenient operations when interacting with the cache directly, more flexibility in terms of picking an actual caching implementation as well as some good exception handling improvements.

Spring Cache的支持在4.1版本中明显向前发展。在与缓存直接交互时,我们将看到更方便的操作,在选择实际的缓存实现方面更灵活,以及一些良好的异常处理改进。

>> Final Service Release For Spring Data Release Train Codd Available

New Spring Data release – mostly bug fixes which makes it an easy upgrade.


>> Better error messages with Bean Validation 1.1 in Spring MVC application

Good rundown of an up-to-date bean validation setup for Spring MVC – definitely worth bookmarking.

对Spring MVC的最新bean验证设置进行了很好的梳理–绝对值得收藏。

>> The Simple Story Paradox

In the wake of all the TDD hangouts and ensuing discussions – here’s an interesting and in-depth take on the design choices we sometimes take for granted. There’s a whole spectrum between the simplest possible thing all the way up to an N-tiered architecture.


>> Getting Started with Gradle: Introduction

Looks like a good intro into Gradle, if you’re planning to jump over. I personally haven’t yet gone to much into Gradle other than building Spring Framework (which now uses it) – just because at a first glance, it looked a little bit similar to Ant in terms of to much flexibility. If I do decide to give it a proper go, this is going to be the tutorial I follow.

如果你打算跳过去的话,看起来是对Gradle的一个很好的介绍。除了构建Spring Framework(现在使用它),我个人还没有深入了解Gradle–只是因为乍一看,它在灵活性方面与Ant有点相似。如果我真的决定给它一个适当的机会,这将是我遵循的教程。

2. Musings


>> Code Reviews Should Be about Incremental Improvement

Lots to learn from this code reviews series, and the argument that you should really fight your gut instinct and pick your battles in a discussion probably goes far beyond the code review setting.


This is something that never came naturally to me, so I had to learn by doing and tracking the results. Being considerate and accepting that you’re not going to radically change everything in this one single discussion – has resulted in a much better chance of actually making an impact.