Java 8 Adoption in March 2016 – 2016年3月的Java 8采用情况

最后修改: 2016年 3月 15日


1. Java 8 Adoption Trend

1.Java 8采用趋势

Java 8 was released on 18 March 2014 and has seen a strong adoption trend right from the start.

Java 8于2014年3月18日发布,从一开始就出现了强劲的采用趋势。

In October 2014, Typesafe released early numbers which had the adoption rate of the new version of the language at 27%.


And in May 2015, I ran a survey that puts that number at 38%.


2. The New 2016 Numbers

2. The New 2016 Numbers

Well, things have certainly changed over the course of a year. I ran the “Java and Spring in 2016” survey last week and received 2253 answers from the community.

好吧,事情在一年中确实发生了变化。我上周进行了 “2016年的Java和Spring “调查,收到了来自社区的2253份答案。

The Java 8 adoption numbers in March of 2016 is at 64.3% – which is a strong spike from last years numbers.

2016年3月,Java 8的采用率为64.3%–与去年的数字相比,这是一个强劲的飙升。

Here’s the full breakdown of Java 6, 7 and 8 usage:

以下是Java 6、7和8使用情况的全部分类。

3. Conclusion


Java 9 is coming out a year from now, and Java 8 is clearly no longer new, having been out for two years at this point.

Java 9将在一年后问世,而Java 8显然已不再是新事物,此时已经问世两年了。

And the high adoption numbers (on a 2000+ sample size) definitely show a strong trend in the broader ecosystem to jump in and use Java 8 more than we saw before with Java 7.

而高采用率的数字(在2000多个样本中)肯定显示了在更广泛的生态系统中,有一个强大的趋势,即比我们之前看到的Java 7更多地加入和使用Java 8。