Java “Back to Basics” Tutorial – Java “返璞归真 “教程

最后修改: 2014年 9月 23日

This tutorial series focuses on core Java – “Back to Basics”. We’re going to cover Java core concepts, collections, streams, IO and more.

本系列教程的重点是核心Java – “Back to Basics”。我们将介绍Java的核心概念、集合、流、IO等内容。

If you are new to Java, this series will go over the basic syntax of the language, introduce classes and objects and a few simple examples of using common Java structures.


In this series, we’ll learn how to work with Strings with examples of common operations and conversions.


Concurrency is a large area in Java, but it’s also an important topic to understand. In this series, we’ll go over the core concepts and learn how to work with threads using practical examples.


This tutorials will go over the main data structures in Java and common operations we can perform with them.


This series is a comprehensive guide to working with the Stream API introduced in Java 8.

本系列是关于使用Java 8中引入的Stream API的全面指南。

This series cover common I/O operations in Java, including working with files, Readers and Input/OuputStreams.